Krivosijska - Orjenski area

Krivošijska area (above the Bay of Kotor) occupies an area of ​​about 120 square kilometers. The highest parts of the area belong to the splendid mountain Orjen. The highest peak Zubacki bucket is located at 1894 meters above sea level. This peak is located north of Herceg Novi at a distance of about 10 kilometers as the crow flies. The road from Herceg Novi (Meljine) leads through the village of Podi, in which the church is located. Sergius and Vaka from the 760th year, and then through the village of Stone to the motel 'Borići', located in a pine forest. Marked hiking trail begins above Herceg Novi and takes you all the way to the motel, and from there to the mountain lodge 'For Vratlom'. Mountain Lodge with 50 beds. The Chamber offers the possibility of a longer stay in this area.

Relief Orjent is very attractive because it is constantly alternating peaks, ridges, cliffs, valleys and wooded areas. And in all this beauty mountain areas are woven sivobjeličaste boulders, giving massif Orjent surreal image of some unexplored planet.

For widely dispersed Orijen the most beautiful landscapes and Subra Reovačka beams. Topmost part Subra (1697 m) is the most visited Orjenski lookout because there provides a very nice view of the Bay of Kotor and a large part of Montenegro. I'm magnificent stone amphitheater Subra breath away every visitor. On the slopes of this mountain can be nice to ski until spring, and the same day swim in Topljanska bay.

Durmitor and Orijen reputed among mountaineers as the mountain with the best marked trails in Montenegro. For example, the main peak of the massif Orjen - Zubacki bucket got the quality footpath back in 1895. This route was built by the Austro-Hungarian General Varesanin to the imperial throne Rudolf could improve out on this top. The trail starts from the saddle Orjenski saddle (1594 m asl).

Although Orijen 'God-given' for hiking and tourist walking, he is under-utilized. Only sometimes on it can meet a larger group of nature lovers and mountain conquests. The mountain is not sufficiently represented domestic and foreign hikers and tourists. There is a good professional guide 'Mountain trails through Orijen', author Zeljko Starcevic, and release the PSD 'Subra 'from Herceg Novi, but the area is not sufficiently represented in the travel brochures Montenegro, guides and videos. A Orijen is unique!

On the whole area Krivošija can live my project on the development of mountain and ethno-tourism and so revive polunapuštena villages on the slopes and along Orjent Krivošija until beans. In addition to these villages, are interesting and villages Krusevice, groove, Ubli, Unijerina, Dragalj, especially the tourist attractions wooded place Churches. This place is otherwise known for the largest amount of rainfall in Europe (fall-spring), where the average annual record 4500-5410 mm of rainfall. In the church, there is polurazrušeni objects large Austro-Hungarian military base (barracks, armory, bakery, stables, cisterns for water and other auxiliary facilities). All this can be put into a tourist function, especially for tourists from countries of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Krivošijska place has become known for its violent uprisings against Austria (1869 and 1882), in which the Krivošijani heroically fought to the end he signed a peace agreement in the village Knežlaz.

Krivošijska area is karst, which means the arid, because precipitation sink to deeper layers of solid and water occurs in the lower parts (Ubli) and the strong resources in the Bay. Villages are therefore supplied with water from cisterns (rainwater), and in others there are seasonal sources.

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