Ljubisnja Cehotina area

The mountainous region Ljubisnja is located in the northwestern part of Montenegro. Until it can be reached from two main directions - Pljevlja and Foca, and can strenuous hiking and the Tara Canyon. Tara versus the tops of small Ljubišnja (2073 m) and Jalovnik (1869 m). The highest peak D Black E C and S that, with the height of 2238 m, is located in the central part of the mountain area. To the top of the mountain is the best hike from the village of Popov Do and Vrba, which can be reached through from the town. With the road leading to Graz should turn left and arrive in Popov Do. Potplaninskih from villages to the top Ljubisnja is about 15 kilometers, or nearly five hours of walking.

By walking through the dense forest of ancient trees and conifers, and you will come across a number of sources of drinking water. If you can hear some sort njihakanje or whinny, it means that somewhere in the vicinity of mountain horses who enjoy their realm of freedom. And if you hear some mumbling, certainly close to some of the bears in this peaceful mountain.

From the top Dernečište There's a panoramic view of the distant Pljevlja, Durmitor, Piva Mountain, Volujak and Maglić. With the chosen place can be seen and Drina Valley and the town of Foca (Srbinje).

Below the mountain Ljubišnja extend picturesque landscapes of the Tara Canyon, villages Bob, plateau Kosanica and others. On the north side of the mountain there is a zinc and lead mine hollow rocks, and down below the mountain settlements Gradac (833 ct.) And Shula (753 ct.)

To Ljubisnja can be reached and the separation of the way Djurdjevica Tara Pljevlja, plateau Kosanica. The road leading up to Bob and Slatina. By the same place can be reached via Kakmuži, when it goes through from Pljevlja (over Odzak).

According to estimates by experts for winter sports, mountain area Ljubišnja has exceptional natural conditions for the development of all types of snow sports, especially as here the snow retains more than 120 days. Waiting only appearance astute and wealthy financiers. It needs to look for!

Love for Ljubišnja could be grown only lovers forested mountains. It gives visitors a perfect peace and enjoy the blissful scents and conifers.

How on this mountain and you can meet with some bear, here are brief instructions what to do. It should be quiet and bear will extend your walk. You must not run away, as this challenge. It is dangerous only when it is very hungry and if found near the man, if he is ill and if by him (her) cub. But even then the bear will not attack a group of people, but bear wants to defend their cubs. Therefore, in these mountains should never go alone. It is best to find a guide in a village and he will safely guide you through unfamiliar mountain.

Ljubišnja the mountains in which the visitor falls in love at first sight, because it got this nice name.

This area is the largest city of Podgorica. From the old town has been preserved Clock Tower and Mosque of Gazi Hussein Pasha Boljanić, 1562. This beautiful mosque is a masterpiece of oriental architecture. Its minaret is 42 meters high and is the highest in the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia large. It is also the most beautiful religious monument of Muslims in Montenegro and Montenegrin very important cultural monument. This is very interesting mosque detail was restored in 2008 and now is more beautiful than it was when it was built

Of the older monuments of culture in Pljevlja area should emphasize the monastery of St. Three of the 15th century, located in the immediate vicinity of Pljevlja, in a bay surrounded by trees. To the monastery can be reached via above Miletus gardens, famous hospitality and recreational park. The monastery was probably built in the 12th century, but was painted later (16 in.) With very beautiful frescos that worked Strahinja of Budimlja. On the frescoes in detail showing Christ's suffering, Nemanjić Dynasty and other scenes. In the monastery workshop worked and John Goldsmith Hočanin, known master and artist of the 16th century who, together with his associates, he made of silver, bronze and iron various ecclesiastical items, including silver lamp, with crosses and chains for the books of great artistic value . From that time stands out precious silver caskets with three towers, which has so far been exhibited in several exhibitions and always aroused great interest posjetilaca.Tu the coffin of Abbot Stephen from 1576. In this monastery treasures and one of the richest collections of old manuscripts in Montenegro, as well as the old printed books, including a copy of Oktoih.

From the recent history of Pljevlja is a monument on the hill Strazica, with an obelisk 40 meters high. It is a monument to fallen partisans-heroes in the famous battle Pljevaljska from 1 December 1941.

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