The area of Skadar Lake

This area includes the Skadar Lake and its wider environment. It is located about thirty kilometers south of Podgorica and is adjacent to the northern slopes of the mountain Rumi. On the southern side of Rumija are Bar and Ulcinj and settlements between the two southernmost city of Montenegro. The starting point of the plain and passing the Skadar Lake is a small town Virpazar, which is located on the shores of the Lake. Through this place has road from five directions: Podgorica, Rijeka Crnojevica, Petrovac, Bar and Ulcinj (over Vladimir and Ostros).

Skadar Lake National Park

With an area of ​​300 km2, Skadar Lake is the largest in the Balkans. The average depth is 5-8 meters. The lowest point of the lake is the source Raduš, 90 meters below sea level. Because of its hydrological quality and richness of fauna and flora, the area of ​​Skadar Lake was declared a national park.

Across the lake is the border with Albania. Montenegro belongs to the 222 km2 of lakes and Albania 148 km2. The lake is 43 long and 14 km wide. Some parts of the lake have their own names: Fučko mud, a little mud, mud and Velje Humsko mud. It is interesting that the surface and depth of the lake increases or decreases depending on the amount of rainfall. In the rainy months, the lake level rises by 2.5 - 3 meters, which increases the surface of the lake at about 550 km2. This particularity lasts for 5-6 months of the year.

About 50 freshwater sources and a dozen rivers and streams provide the lake with fresh water by the Bojana river drains into the Adriatic Sea (delta Ada). With original location Raduš supplied with water all settlements on the Montenegrin coast. The pipeline from the lake conducted over Crmnica fields and through the tunnel Sozina to the distribution pipeline to the coast, which is drinking water distribution to all consumers. Among the important Montenegrin river whose waters entering the Skadar Lake can be outlined: Moraca, Crnojevica, Orahovštica and Zbeljska river.

Skadar Lake is very rich in fish. There live 45 species of fish! Among them are the most famous carp and bleak, and out of the sea with river Bojana come mullet, eels, sea bass and other. Skadar Lake is a paradise for anglers. Fishing permit can be obtained in a protruding object National Park on the shore of the lake.

Blagodarna climate, lush vegetation and provided nutrition, have contributed to the Skadar Lake to become the largest bird reserve in Europe. For some birds it is a way station for longer routes, but most of them here bend their nests for permanent residence. In winter on the lake fly numerous flocks of wild ducks and geese. Among them is the famous pelican rare (pelican), the largest bird float in Europe, which exists only on Skadar Lake. Occasionally and constantly, here nest 270 species of birds, among which the most important are the pelican, cormorant and gray heron. In the vicinity of the lake live fox, wolf, wild boar, rabbit and some other animals.

The vegetation of the National Park is characterized by the presence of the Mediterranean and continental species of plants, some of which are grown only in this site. Of the plants that grow in water should be pointed white and yellow water lilies and water nutmeg. Peanut or water caltrop grows under water and edible is. A large part of the surface of the lake is covered with water lilies and riverside reeds. It is this cane (reeds) suitable for nesting.

In the area of ​​Skadar Lake there are many cultural and historical monuments from the Bronze Age and Hallstatt, walls and necropolis from the Illyrian times and the remains of Hellenistic and Roman culture. On the peninsula and islands Vranjina Moračnik, Beąka, old man Gorica and Kom are precious cultural monuments, monasteries or churches. On Vranjina the monastery of St. Nicholas, who founded the first Bishop Hilarion of Zeta in the 13th century and restored in 1866.

From Virpazara daily boat moving dozens of tourist groups on a tour of the Skadar Lake and visiting cultural and historical monuments in the islands. During the summer season (May-October) vessels carry on the lake more than fifty thousand visitors, mostly foreign. Guests are, if desired, organize and lunch on board, and some musicians and entertain guests during the trip.
Virpazar is the center of the winemaking areas Crmnica. Almost all villages in Crmnica grow quality vines and provide a rich harvest of grapes and production of high quality wines. The area has forty wine cellars, including tourist attractions twenty basement prominent vinara..Udruženje growers and winemakers, as well as numerous travel agencies, organize wine tours for visitors Crmnic wine cellars and taverns. The famous wine Vranac and Krstač already carried the fame of this area worldwide.

Ostrog monastery and the Virgin of Krajina.

The town of Ostrog, located between Virpazar and the Albanian border, is interesting for tourists, especially on market day when the market is full of gorgeous women in traditional costumes. Not far from Ostros, and 22 km from Virpazar, are the remains of the legendary monastery Virgin of Landscape with ruined church of Assumption of the Virgin. The monastery was demolished in the late 17th century by the Turkish army commanded by vizier Sulejman Pasha Bušatlija. At this point in 1o. and the first half of the 11th v. the seat of the Zeta Prince Jovan Vladimir (970 -1016), and in the 15th century seat of the Zeta Metropolitan. The chair at the end of the same century transferred to Vranjina, and then to Cetinje.

Monastery Virgin of Krajina was founded by Prince Vladimir, according to some sources it is raised loyal Kosara after the tragic death of her husband (1016) .Here are buried Vladimir and Kosara, truly Montenegrin 'Romeo and Juliet'. There untried stories that just this event reached the ears of the famous writer love drama 'Romeo and Juliet' and that his work was created on the basis of the event. Probably going to some of the younger writers to explore and how to write a kind of novel. Now here's the legend of Vladimir and Kosara.

At the end of the 10th century in his conquest of the Balkans Macedonian king Samuel is attacked Zeta, captured Prince Vladimir and took him to his residence at Lake Prespa. When the emperor's beautiful daughter Kosara saw the closed Prince Vladimir fell in love with him at first sight. And the unfortunate Vladimir fell in love with baskets but did not see how to exit that express their love beautiful girl. The two of them have several times seen and talked briefly. Love among them is so heated up that Haki could not hold and that it does not inform his father. As she was his favorite and he saw that he was wrong as him in prison wonderful Prince Vladimir, decided to listen to his daughter. When Vladimir confirmed the emperor that he loves his daughter baskets as your life, the emperor agreed to bless their wedding. He returned the Vladimir throne and he is with his baskets came to Zeta and continued to rule. Soon he died Emperor Samuel and power has taken his nephew Ivan Vladislav after killing the emperor's son Gabriel Radomir.

Fearing that the prince Vladimir avenge his brother's beautiful baskets and take his Macedonian throne, Vladislav's diabolical scheme to assassinate Prince Vladimir. He called it with him to visit, by sending him a golden cross, but the prince did not accept the baptism did not call. He sensed that it was a trap. Macedonian ruler was persistent. Again he sent envoys with decorated wooden cross that, as a sign of respect, receive and comes in a friendly visit. When the emperors delegates to the prince Vladimir to car swore over the cross that his call benevolent, he broke and gave in. He had no idea what awaits him in Prespa. It was the 1016th year. Prince Vladimir and his retinue arrived in the capital of the Macedonian emperor. As soon as he stepped over the threshold of the church where he prayed before the meeting with the Emperor, he was killed and that he did not get a chance to get hold of his arms which stood at the entrance to the church. Is killed and his entourage. The news of the death of her husband Kosara welcomed all distraught and overwhelmed with pain. She swore she would take revenge on the Macedonian emperor Vladislav and that will raise the monastery where he wants to spend the rest of your life and that it be buried together with his beloved Vladimir. The monastery was raised and rests in it together with Vladimir, but did not manage to get revenge Macedonian killers. However, her curse is later arrived and villain with the Macedonian throne. Pulpit and Vladimir together rested almost two centuries in this monastery. 'The relics of Jovan Vladimir the 1215 transferred in Durres, and then near Elbasan, where he built the church of the monastery, which was named after him Shin sole. He is regarded as the most important pilgrimage destination in Albania '' (30) .Vladimirov Cross is kept with reverence at the Bar Andrović family every year to Trojčindan to the peak of Rumija, before sunrise. A legend of Vladimir and Kosara last until eternity.

In Ostros and today there is a well from the year 1001, deep more than 20 meters, which is called Kosarin well. There is also a belief among residents that the Krajina be more interesting and attractive tourist, especially as in this area preserve many old customs, lifestyle and clothing, as well as valuable cultural and historical monuments. And with that, along the shores of Lake Skadar in many places are suitable beach for swimmers, among which is the most beautiful in Murići.

On the north side of the Lake, on the coast, is the village Plavnica, also the starting point for hunters and fishermen. In 1927 Plavnica is connected narrow-gauge railway from Podgorica (20 km) and the ferry and Virpazar. So here could train arrive in Bar mountain track over Sutorman, through a long tunnel; stripe length 43 km was opened to traffic 11/03/1908. year.
Locals Plavnice engaged in agriculture, fishing and private business, and some work in enterprises in Podgorica. It is notable for a new tourist complex, a monument to King Nikola and ship-restaurant cruise on Lake Skadar .. Accommodation is available at the motel or in a nearby village.

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