Ulcinj riviera

Ulcinj Riviera from the direction of Bar begins after the settlement Bušat and ending at the river-sea island Ada Bojana on the river, which borders with Albania.

After passing the tunnel behind the Overlook Hotel, welcome you place Kruče, which spreads to the coast and the hill Mozura. Driving further, following settlement Rigid, then first right turn for Valdanos.

In Ulcinj were, as in other cities of present-day Montenegro, throughout history alternated various rulers. When he failed Zeta, with this city is 150 years ruled by the Venetians. Hijacked by the Turks in 1571, after a fierce battle and completely refurbished in the city of oriental architecture. They found him, built a mosque, Amami, public fountains and kaldrmisali narrow and winding streets. The city is built in terraces towards the top of the hill.

The Turks settled in Ulcinj about 400 Tunisian and Algerian pirates who survived after the battle of Lepanto. Slaves were sold on the slave market and some of them ended up in pirate fleet, which was a terror on the Adriatic. And drifted up to the shores of southern Italy. Pirates have been gathering steam so that they had no mercy even to ships strongest states. Piracy has been a source of income for life, but in the 17th and 18th century Ulcinj pirates often attacked the Turkish ships. When the pirates have become excessive, the Turks and asked for help from the Venetians to jointly destroy uncontrollable temptation. Brothers Karamidžoje Lika Ceni, Ali Hoxha and Uluch Ali inflicted the most damage to your attacks to Venice and the coastal area of. Due to the severe damage caused by them to the Turks by sinking the ship with pilgrims who traveled to the holy places of Mecca and Medina, the pirates Like Cenija were sentenced to death by the then Sultan. Sultan ordered his army to catch and kill Lika and his pirates. As at that time appeared more dangerous pirate Aralampije, called Lambro, which is everywhere sowed fear and robbed Turkish ships, Sultan told The characters will all forgive him just to kill the Greeks Lambru. Lambro was killed in a duel with the figure, which is awarded to the rank of captain, which makes and his progeny has called Kapetanovići. Destruction of pirate ships in port and at sea Valdano, forever disappeared pirates in this part of the sea.

Decision of the Berlin Congress of 1878 Ulcinj is after 300 years of Turkish rule went to Montenegro. Almost two years took the persecution of the great powers and Turkey to submit Ulcinj Montenegrins.

Great Beach

From the city to the great beach driving first city boulevard and at the petrol stations 'Delipetrol' extend new boulevard to the hotel complex on (2 km).

From the bridge over Milena offers a beautiful view of the numerous devices for robolov- kalimere, whose large networks always catches something.

In front of the hotel is 12 km long Great beaches and shallow waters. The beach is sitnopješčana and healing (slightly radioactive). Infinite offing unreal nice work, because the distance is barely discernible as merges the sky and sea and draws your gaze in a mysterious space. Swimming in shallow water is very pleasant, especially walking through the shallow sea. The long sandy beach ends at the mouth of the river Bojana, and on the other side of the river is an island - Ada Bojana, where there is the largest nudist resort in Europe.

Ada Bojana

When desetokilometarskim asphalt road through the field Štojska reach the quiet and beautiful river Bojana you will find a few fish restaurants and many fishermen cottages on the right bank of the river. The terraces of restaurants are over the Bojana, which contributes to a nicer atmosphere for lunch or dinner. In restaurants you can choose and sea and freshwater fish. Along the banks of Bojana on numerous pillars are seen fishing nets, and hunting equipment type kalimera.

Bojan is at this point bridged modern bridge which allows the passage of small ships and boats. As soon as you cross the bridge you are at the famous nudist island - Adi, known as the paradise for nudists. The entrance to this island to be paid (€ 5), in order to secure peace yet. A mile and a little drive and you will be welcomed tourist village, built at a distance of about 200 meters from the sea foam. Settlements are 'Bojan', 'Bojana lux' and 'The bungalow, with a total capacity 948 beds. At the entrance of the village is decorated comfortable campsite.

A sandy island of triangular shape, where along 'kateta' Bojana divided into two parts, a 'hypotenuse' caressing the beautiful Adriatic Sea, was built on the skeletons of sunken ships and became the most famous nudist resort in Europe. Here are the most beautiful sunrise dawn and the most beautiful sunsets, the largest peace to enjoy the largest choice of constructed ideal partner for life or for a short-term fun. Here's naked body better than what you see elsewhere, here are each eyes full of curiosity and pleasure. Once you are at two-kilometer long beach sitnopješčanu Ade and swim in the warm sea that brings improvement of physical and mental health, that will always come back here.

On Ada you can swim, run, play games, ride horses, go fishing, play music, but you must not disturb anyone. You have to respect everyone's privacy, even in the common sports games.

The nightlife is varied on this island paradise. Here guests can prepare their own program of entertainment and participate in the execution of their creative works. On the beach, which is also sitnopješčana and debt, there are facilities for daytime and evening entertainment and hosting.

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